About rain chains

A rain chain hangs from your gutter the way that a downspout does. Rain trickles down the chain. At the bottom, you can handle the water the same way you would if you had a downspout. For example, you can put a splash block or some gravel under the rain chain, or collect the water in a rain barrel or underground cistern.

This article from the construction trade journal Gutter Opportunities has good information about rain chains.

How big are our chains?

Aluminum chains: Each link is 1-5/8 inch in diameter. The aluminum chains are made of 10-gauge wire (about 1/10 inch thick). At the top, aluminum chains have a neck of smaller links so they can pass through a 2-inch round gutter outlet.

Powder-coated aluminum: Same as aluminum.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a way of applying a durable finish to metal without the use of solvents. A static charge is applied to the article and a dry powdered coating is sprayed onto it, which adheres to the article because of the static charge. When the item is baked in an oven, the coating melts onto the article. As metal finishes go, it's relatively environmentally friendly and highly durable.

Tell me about the pottery rain chains!

Coos Bay potter Catherine Walworth makes the 4-inch bowls for our pottery rain chains. The bowls are hung on a powder-coated steel chain with copper fittings. They're very durable -- nobody's broken one yet! We recommend anchoring the chain at the bottom to keep it from blowing around.

Other uses for our chain

Make a fountain out of our chain. Make a trellis or a decorative fence. But whatever you do...

  • Don't hang anything from our chain. The links will come apart.
  • Don't use our chain as a handrail. If people lean on it, it will break.

Do you wonder if our chain is strong enough for some use you have in mind? Well, if you have to wonder, it probably isn't. But ask us -- we can make strong brazed chains of any style and material for movie props or architectural ornaments.

Slideshow of rain chain installations Slideshow of rain chain installations Slideshow of rain chain installations
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